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Education is Key!

Educating yourself in CPR is key to saving lives. At CPR With Heart, we believe that comprehensive CPR training equips you with vital skills to respond effectively in emergencies.

Empowerment through education is crucial, especially in life-saving techniques. Join CPR With Heart to learn CPR skills, where education is the foundation of confident and prompt emergency response."



CPR for All Ages

CPR Training for Everyone: Learn life-saving skills with our comprehensive courses, suitable for all ages.

With expert instructors and practical sessions, gain the confidence to act swiftly and effectively in life-threatening situations. Join us and empower yourself to make a difference in emergencies.


First Aid

Discover the Power of First Aid: Join our extensive first aid courses, designed for participants of all ages. Gain the confidence and skills necessary to tackle emergencies effectively.

With hands-on training and expert guidance, you'll become a asset in any emergency, ready to safeguard your community's well-being.


BLS (Basic Life Support)

Master Basic Life Support with Us: Our BLS courses offer in-depth training, focusing on crucial life-saving techniques.

Learn from experienced professionals about effective response strategies in emergencies. Become certified and confident in your ability to provide essential support during critical moments, enhancing safety.


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Oh yes! That was a crazy event that happened the week after the class she took. Once we got home from the cpr class, we were sharing everything we learned with my husband and 3 other kids (ages 9,7,3). Everyone was taking turns performing cpr on the dummy that was provided as part of the class. My husband plays pick up soccer games in Roseville 2x a week. During one of the games, a guy just collapsed on the field and there were at least 30 guys there. Everyone was just looking at each other, wondering if anyone was a doctor or nurse or knew cpr. My husband jumped in, never having performed cpr, and was doing the compressions (broke 2 ribs). As he did compressions, someone had to drive to get the AED and they did that for around 8 min while the fire truck tried to find the field. Firemen said he did a great job doing compressions and Kaiser said he saved his life. He had a heart attack on the field and my husband thinks he is over 70years old. He was back playing on the field a month later!

Sounds like it was a fun Girl Scout event!

Kenza Elhonsali

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